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What to do after the 9 weeks?

So I've finished my 9 week's and have started running to the couch to 5k+ podcasts. I've done the stepping stones one 3 times now, so my question really is how long should I do it for? Another week or two? Until my time goes down? My distance more? Both my distance and time have improved over this week but not by much.

Any ideas/thought or personal experience would be great.


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Do a parkrun. Enter into a race that's taking place in a couple of month's time - such as a 10k or half marathon and use that as an incentive to build on your stamina and speed. Download all the free training programmes that are available on the t'internet. Keep motivated in other words to keep going.


I graduated in early October. Since then I've been using the stamina and speed c25k + podcasts once a week and running to my own music for the third run, slowly increasing the time/ distance run. My aim at the moment is to get my 5k time under 30 mins & increase my distance to 10 km. Having a routine & goal helps get me out the door. I'm also looking at the aufiofuel downloads



when I finished c25k I hadnt reached that magic 5k distance so this was my first goal by adding a couple of minutes to my runs each week until I got to about 36mins & 5k.

after that I kept running until 5k or 30mins got easier then found I needed something else to focus on to keep my motivated. you are lucky as there are the c25k + podcasts to keep you entertained.

once you are happy with running for up to 40mins then maybe you could start the bridge to 10k programme. it can be quite difficult at first so perhaps do this once a week & carry on with the speed/stamina podcasts as these definately help to make the longer runs easier.

also, some have recommended joining a running club & parkruns as the atmosphere is supposed to be very friendly & welcoming.

good luck. X


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