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Final Stretch

After my poor showing for the last run of week 8 I decided not to repeat it but to go on to week 9 run 1. A 30 minute run. Conditions were perfect, a nice morning for it and I had plenty of time.

Well I did the run avoiding the usual dogs, horses, prams and faster runners.

The sports-tracker app give me a bit of a shock, claiming that I had run 6.9 km. This seemed unlikely and looking at the map on their site, it was clearly off, with lots of weird spikes where the GPS was doing something strange. Checked the length of the route on and it was more like 5.3 km. Which is more like it and a distance I am still perfectly happy with. I can start to try to improve the distance but no rush really.

Wow. Just two more runs to go. Lots of thoughts about the programme and how it has affected me but I'll save that till graduation time I think.

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Wonderfully done, mabbers!! 5.3 in 30 minutes is a marvelous run!!

Only two more runs, you say!! Can you believe how far you have come in such a short time? It is amazing!! Now, knock out those last two and you will be able to spend your free time admiring that shiny green badge that you are about to earn!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Wow over 5K in 30 mins how I dream of that! Well done you 2 runs to graduation


Well done Mabbers for moving on and what a brilliant time! Not long to go to the finish line so best of luck with runs 2 & 3.



Well done mabbers! Chilling the vino and brew getting ready to do a celebration in your honor! Only a few more runs- soon to be graduate!!!!!! :-) Gayle


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