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Help really needed :o(

After a dismal run on tuesday which i put down to having a heavy cold and a strong head wind i decided to try again today. I thought i may struggle with my breathing but that was fine. My legs however are another matter. I'm realy struggling to warm up now the weathers turned colder. Today i went for a 30 minute walk got changed and went straight out. Did the 5 minute warm up and still my legs weren't warmed up properly.

I'm at a total loss, i've extended my warm up walk, tried warming up inside etc and even then when i go out my legs seem to cool down in a couple of minutes. I cant use a treadmill (tried it and was nearly sick due to motion sickness)

Pleeeeeeeaaaaase if there is anyone out there has any idea how i can beat this i would be so happy. I really don't want to have to hang up my trainers till next year


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I bought some of the inexpensive compression shorts from Aldi recently and I find they help me feel more comfortable when running in the cold. I wear them under full length leggings. I was impressed enough that I've now bought some compression socks because I seem to feeling it most in my lower calves recently, I've only worn them once but they did seem to make a difference. I got MoreMile socks on ebay.


I recently bought some thermal running tights and they are amazing! They really helped to keep my legs warm and muscles supple. Are you stretching after your warm up walk and after the run? I find that's really important. Hope this helps :)


Thanks guys, as always great advice very greatfully received. I actually bought some running tights a while ago but had been putting off wearing them but i gave them a go yesterday and i wouldn't say it was perfect but they definately helped and i managed a full 30 minutes again which is great. Might have to look into some compression socks as my calves are the biggest problem too.


Thanks again for your advice hoping this will keep me out there running


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