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W4R3 tomorrow morning!

Really looking forward to it. I had the return of lead legs on Friday morning for R2 (only the last 5 min section), but was running up a slight incline for most of it, so will switch back to my usual route tomorrow, which is pretty much flat the whole way. Thanks to everyone who commented on my last (first!) post - I tried taking one of my earpods out for a minute to check out my breathing, and it was JUST LIKE an old wheezing man! It gave me a good laugh, which got me through the last couple of minutes.

Still waiting for my new running shoes to arrive - had to order a size 8 (8!!?), although the nice man in the shop assured me that it's normal for running shoes to come up a size bigger. I'm currently running in 8 year old very cheap trainers, so I'm hoping that new shoes will be like new tyres!

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It's good when you look forward isn't it, and when you get your new shoes it'll be even better!! Good luck for your last run of the week :)


Woo hoo new shoes! Enjoy your run!

I did parkrun today in CArdiff and was aware of someone snorting huffing and puffing behind me for some distance, then this person overtook me, it was a very very fit athletic looking bloke who was frothing at the mouth and huffing away but I decided I would keep up with him for the remaining 2k if I could, and then (thanks to my big sis who came back to run the last 300 m with me after finishing her run) I just got in front of him at the finish, one second in front!.

I was gobsmacked looking at the finishing results, this guy is in his 70s! What a man! (i am in my early 50s and now I feel bad for pipping him at the post lol, no competitive spirit me!)


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