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Ooops..terrible maths

I just ran wk 7 r1 - without Laura. As its all long runs now thought i could do it to my own choice of music, so made a running playlist, and before i went out went through what i thought would be around 25 minutes of running, so i knew what track was my last one before the cool down walk - so i ran it all, struggled a bit for the last few minutes but figured as i have only done one 25 minute run before its not surprising.

Out of curiosity i thought i would add up the length of each track just to be sure i had actually run for 25 minutes - oops - i hadnt - i had run for 29 minutes.

I am stunned...and sure my legs wont be so forgiving for the extra minutes.

now i have a dilemma - week 7 is 25 minute runs - wk 8 28 mins and week 9 i ensure the next runs are time right or just run for 30 minutes from now on ?

in distance it was 3.81km - I do run took me ages to overtake someone the other day, bless him he could hear me and kept looking round to see when i was going to overtake him ..

So a brilliant run but now what to do next run..what would you do??

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Excellent titch67, it's so satisfying sometimes to see how far you can push your body! I also think this demonstates that "ignorance is bliss" or that this running business is definitely mind over matter as I suspect you'd have started to feel tired at the 25min mark had you known it was coming up.

As for the podcasts - stick with them! c25k is about building stamina and speed safely. It is fab that you ran for 29 minutes, but follow the remaining few weeks and you'll be a better runner for it. You can always jog a few intervals after the podcast to help increase your distance/times etc but if you go out with the idea of doing 30mins from now on, it could be quite demotivating if you have a bad run (as we all do!) and not achieve the goal you set. It may also increase your chance of injury if you start pushing yourself beyond what the podcasts recommend.

Good luck; you're doing great and that run should give you the confidence you need during these longer runs. :)


I did exactly the same thing at W5R3 :-D

I would remove a song from your playlist and carry on W7 as normal. Don't build up faster than the programme says or it might turn round and bite you...

Another tip - if you want to be exact, time your playlist with a stopwatch when you've got it organized. Itunes time doesn't always correlate with real time... One of my playlists was three minutes over what it should have been, not a tragedy - but you def don't want three minutes under-time.


Very well done Titch on the 29 mins, it's a great feeling isnt it?! However, I agree with Newbie and Mitts and stick to the programme as it gets you to 30 mins gently without overdoing things and you dont want to get despondent if you dont achieve it just because you deviated from the plan....

Best of luck for R2. Sue


thanks everyone - very sound advice i think so thats what i am going to do :D

Have already had some bad runs and dont want to set myself up for more than i need to .



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