Me and my shadow!

Just thought I'd tell you all about my new experience with running. I'm currently on week 3 and really loving it!

But I got in from work last night quite late and really didn't like the idea of jogging around my town, in the dark, on a Friday night (with all the 'youth' hanging around! - gosh I sound old!)

So my husband suggested he cycled with me. Now initially I was dead against the idea as I like 'me' time - alone on the open road, just me and my thoughts (oh and Laura too!) but he suggested that he wouldn't be with me, just cycling behind me - keeping an eye on me.

So off we went, me with my (bike shaped) shadow behind me. To start with, I kept looking behind me to check he was there but soon decided to keep my eyes on the road!

Overall it was a really successful run as I felt safe, and I think I pushed myself a little harder, with him checking up on me :-) At one point he said he nearly got lost as I was jogging at such a fast pace!!

I just wondered whether most people jog on their own or if they are lucky enough to have a running 'buddie' ? I really envy people who go jogging with their dogs.

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  • Me and my dog fell out big time the one and only time I tried to take her jogging :-D

    I run round a wood and trees are not for jogging past according to Dog!

    Since then I've jogged solo and like you I look on it as me-time. Me and my music and half an hour to think what I want to... bliss. I work shifts so I can always go in the daytime which is fortunate, no street lights in the wood and so far no 'youth' hanging around either!

    I'm sidelined atm with a wonky knee and can't wait to get back out there...

    Enjoy it for me too next time you're out!

  • Jogging with my dog is great as long as we don't meet any cats, squirrels or interesting smells. Many a time I have had my arm nearly plulled out of its socket as Twix (my cocker spaniel) stops dead and sniffs or sprints off in persuit of a cat, with me hanging on for dear life. It does make the running more interesting though!!Well done on your run and I hope your shadow keeps helping you!! Good luck with the rest of C25K

  • Umm... Might think again about wanting to run with a dog! I can bearly concentrate on my breathing let alone a dog flinging me off track!! Thanks for the comments.

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