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Me and my shadow!

Just thought I'd tell you all about my new experience with running. I'm currently on week 3 and really loving it!

But I got in from work last night quite late and really didn't like the idea of jogging around my town, in the dark, on a Friday night (with all the 'youth' hanging around! - gosh I sound old!)

So my husband suggested he cycled with me. Now initially I was dead against the idea as I like 'me' time - alone on the open road, just me and my thoughts (oh and Laura too!) but he suggested that he wouldn't be with me, just cycling behind me - keeping an eye on me.

So off we went, me with my (bike shaped) shadow behind me. To start with, I kept looking behind me to check he was there but soon decided to keep my eyes on the road!

Overall it was a really successful run as I felt safe, and I think I pushed myself a little harder, with him checking up on me :-) At one point he said he nearly got lost as I was jogging at such a fast pace!!

I just wondered whether most people jog on their own or if they are lucky enough to have a running 'buddie' ? I really envy people who go jogging with their dogs.

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Me and my dog fell out big time the one and only time I tried to take her jogging :-D

I run round a wood and trees are not for jogging past according to Dog!

Since then I've jogged solo and like you I look on it as me-time. Me and my music and half an hour to think what I want to... bliss. I work shifts so I can always go in the daytime which is fortunate, no street lights in the wood and so far no 'youth' hanging around either!

I'm sidelined atm with a wonky knee and can't wait to get back out there...

Enjoy it for me too next time you're out!


Jogging with my dog is great as long as we don't meet any cats, squirrels or interesting smells. Many a time I have had my arm nearly plulled out of its socket as Twix (my cocker spaniel) stops dead and sniffs or sprints off in persuit of a cat, with me hanging on for dear life. It does make the running more interesting though!!Well done on your run and I hope your shadow keeps helping you!! Good luck with the rest of C25K


Umm... Might think again about wanting to run with a dog! I can bearly concentrate on my breathing let alone a dog flinging me off track!! Thanks for the comments.


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