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After graduating

I graduated a few months ago and intended to keep running. I tried the stamina and speed programmes but to be honest they were too much for me and so I settled into running for thirty minutes three times a week. Considering my running abilities before graduating this was really good but I missed the structure of the programme.

After a few weeks I noticed it was getting harder to complete thirty minutes and would have to start walking after about twenty five minutes, I was going backwards and becoming despondent. I missed Laura's help.

Then I had a brainwave, I apologise if others have had this idea but it is new to me. I could run for thirty (or twenty five) minutes and then start the c25k programme again. I wouldn't do the five minute initial walking warm up but go straight into the first minute run. It took me a few moments to set the my ipod to week 1 which gave me enough rest.

Anyway, I have completed the first week, w1r3, and I have definitely improved. It's good to have Laura back and a programme I can do. If you are looking for what to do after graduation and want to run 10k this might be an option.

I have just completed grad+w1r3 and my thirty minute run was relatively easy, roll on w2. I don't know if I will make it to week 9 but I felt that the first time.

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Oh wow sloopy this is a really great idea! I was thinking about using couch 2 5k as interval training (you know, jogging for the "walk" bits and then running full tilt during the "run" bits) but obviously the runs are still only 30 mins there. The great thing about your idea is I can alternate it with mine, so then will get the interval training as well as the stamina. Thanks for sharing :-)

(feeling proud to have completed "stamina" today, but my stride lengths are v small so still only doing 4.2 km in 35 mins).


Really good idea for increasing distances sloopy! I think I am going to do the same as Chocotwit though as I am increasng my time and distance ok but my pace is getting slower and slower and slower. Let us know how it goes :)


Well done, that is a great idea.



I am still following the programme, just completed W5R1 and it seems to be the same level of difficulty this time around as it was pre-graduation. The initial 30 minute run doesn't seem to be getting any easier which surprises me. I would certainly recommend adding on the C25K programme after a 30 minute run (and graduation) to anyone that wanted to run find a way of running 10K. Still loving it.


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