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First run in 12 days.....smiling again:-)

I totally failed my first run as a graduate 12 days ago.....lots of reasons, going away that afternoon, early morning GP appointment, last minute shopping, buying train tickets etc!!!

Driving home, beautiful sunny day, saw several runners and thought that's it I'm going to have a run before we go......

Bad idea, only 1 cup of tea, no breakfast and it was 10:30am. I usually go out much earlier having only drunk water & that's usually fine but I'd been up since 6:30, racing around so should've known better. 5 min warm up walk brought me to the bottom of my usual starting point, a slight hill, usually manageable but felt like Everest that day! I plodded along with 'cotton wool' legs, no power or energy at all. I gave up after 10 mins and sobbed my way home, collapsed on the bottom stair & proclaimed myself a failure. The guilt weighed heavy on my shoulders even though deep down I realised it was a spur of the moment decision & that I should've been better prepared, a piece of fruit & water.

Well that was me, demotivated, fed up, off on holiday, people running everywhere and me thinking I would never get back out there. I decided to have another go this morning, alarm went off at 7am, several snoozes then duvet snatched off and annoying but supportive prods from hubby to get up and at it. It was raining quite heavy which made me happy as I've only run in fine drizzle once before and I quite enjoyed it. I decided to run without 'Laura' fact no headphones,no music or sound at all apart from my phone with runkeeper strapped to my arm. I did my 5 min sort of warm up jiggle in my kitchen & set off running straight from my front door. I managed 30 min non-stop with a slightly faster pace. Still got a bit to go to reach 5k but I really enjoyed it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is don't give's ok to have bad runs or runs that make you feel as though you've failed (but we so haven't!!!)

We can all do it in our own way & at our own pace. The smile is back on my face & the mojo is back :-)

Well I'm glad I got that off my chest!!

And just remember we are ALL lapping those still sitting on the couch!!!!!

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Well done,I have to say running in the rain is not as bad as I thought it would be. We always need to remember how far we have come and that any run is better than no run. Glad you have your mojo back and a smile on your face keep running :-)


Glad to hear that you made it back out! Time for the shiny graduate badge that you've worked so hard for :)


Thanks both of you.

FrockyHorror, I have asked for my badge & been given it but not sure how it appears by my name!!?? I'm confused :-) I have sent a message back to JR21 to ask.


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