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Week 7 is over


Well, week 7 is done. The time seems to have gone by very quickly. It doesn't seem long ago that three minutes seemed impossible and 5 minutes just a dream!! I have now done three runs at 25 minutes each :D I ditched Laura last week but might take her out for the first run of week 8 just to see what she has to say!

Have lovely weekends everyone. S x

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gosh well done you!!!

ive just finished with week three and any more than three minutes seems, well, impossible! so for you to be where you are, that's amazing!!

keep on running and you bet you'll have a good weekend - you're almost a graduate!!!

:-) ali


Well done. I know what you mean as I've just finished week 7 and ran w8r1 on Thursday. Had to run without any music but i'm taking Laura on Sunday as I've finally got the mp3 player set up again. We'll be graduating together. Look forward to it. Keep running and have a great weekend.


I've just finished wk 7 too and can't believe I have run for 25 mins non stop although it was pretty hard work. Good to know there are others out there at the same stage - here's to week 8!


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