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Week 5 Run 2, not a happy one

After a horrible night and feeling a bit under the weather today I decided to go out there and give it a go anyway since it's a run day.

The first 8 minutes went well. Was thinking perhaps pushing yourself out there is not such a bad idea...had a happy moment there.

BUT the second 8 min run was sooooooo hard!!! Especially those 4 last minutes, wow. Worst run ever. How am I ever going to manage the 20 minute run coming my way after tomorrow! Yikes.

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I had exactly the same experience!! I hated this run. I did however go out a couple of days later and found 20 mins easier than all the stopping and starting with run 1 and 2. Very best of luck, you are absolutely ready to do 20 minutes. Remember, even if it feels like you're running slower than you could walk, keep that jogging motion going!! x x


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