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Ready to restart and need your advice

I started the program in July and made it to Week 8 Run 2 when I badly injured my pelvis. I have completed my physical therapy and am about 95% recovered. I would like to restart the program and achieve my goal of finishing Cto5K and successfully running in a 5K race, albeit slowly.

My question is at what point should I resume? I don't feel like I should go back to the very beginning but clearly can't pick up where I left off. Any advice you have is most appreciated!

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I am no doctor, but I might take myself out for some gentle runs without c25k first. This would allow you to see how you feel and at what point of the program you think you would be comfortable. Very best of luck re-starting, keep us up to date x


Hi Saelewis!

Welcome back and am glad to hear that you have recovered. Someone on this blog suggested, after my 6 week injury, to go back a week for each week in which I was laid off. I was about to begin week 7. I couldn't bear the idea of repeating weeks one and two, so I began in week 3. It was easy, true, but really did help me build up my stamina again. In fact, I've only just begun struggling in Week 8. I think Week 3 is a good starting point, but it's up to you. But just remember a) pavements and parks are going nowhere and b) what's the rush? Life is a marathon and not a sprint. GOOD LUCK! Delia


How about trying the following: First run WK1, 2nd run WK2, 3rd run Wk3, 4th run WK4, 5th run WK5.1, 6th run wk5.2 get back in by gently finding your level. Goodluck with what ever you do do. Happy running.


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