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Nearly a graduate

One more run to do; I'm hoping I've conquered the negativity that has plagued me for the past couple of weeks and that I will earn my graduate badge before the end of the week. Especially as I just splashed out 20 quid on an Aldi winter running jacket (yes, they still have running gear - must have had fresh deliveries as they didn't have the winter weight one when I first went).

So, what do I do next? I'm actually only running 3.5 km in my 30 minutes. Do I keep repeating W9 in the hope of getter faster and further? Do I do the stepping stones/stamina/speed podcasts? Or do I mix and match? Is it still 3x a week or more often?

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I'm at the same point as you - only one more run to go. I plan on doing week 9 for a couple more weeks until it gets a bit easier, then I'll probably move onto the other podcasts. I'm nowhere near 5k, so I guess speeding up will be something to aim for.

From what I've read, a lot of people mix and match, I suppose its up to you as long as you keep running! Good luck with the last run!


Welcome to grad week! Some work on speed, some distance. Find whatever works for you to stay motivated. Long and short term goals are good as well as retail therapy such as new running gear! ;-) We average 2-3 runs per week which is still better then couch time. I personally ran a few more times at 30 min. Then tried stepping stones. Don't let it discourage you if it seems to fast paced. It gives you something to work on. Gayle


Wow you are doing brilliantly well done! I just ran 3 times a week adding a few more mins till I was running 5k (in 43 mins to start with) and then carried on making one run a bit longer each week.

After a few weeks I got a bit fed up so I entered a 10k (with several weeks to prepare) and downloaded a free runners world training programme but others do the follow on podcasts (which werent available at the time I graduated but seem really good/challenging!).


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