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Ow! Ow! Ow!...... help !

I'd just done W6R3.... shocked at my wish to keep going and loving it.... then suddenly OW! ... ow ! ...oh no ...OW !!!.

Middle toe... joint swelling and pain in my right foot...and sole.. Pain still there after a week.

I've looked it up and I's something called "Metatarsalgia" . It's forced me into flat shoes!!

Does anyone know what to do... ? It's extremely painful and whilst the only time it doesn't hurt is running, that feels like a bad sign to me.

I don't want to stop running.. but i have a horrible feeling rest might be the solution (I may translate Laura onto a rower or a bike...see if it works )

If anyone has some 'making it not hurt any more' tips...i'd be deeply grateful

Anna xxxx

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Have you tried ice? Maybe you really should see a Doctor if you have that much pain. Do you have decent running shoes? I was having foot problems and switched to wearing decent shoes throughout the day instead of flip-flops etc. My feet are doing better now. I hope you get it taken care of!!!!


what you thought it may be gout??


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