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Week 4 runs 1 and 2 - and the killer stitch

So, did week 4 run 1 on Saturday after a long shift and got home, went food shopping then out for a run.

Started out well, getting into the groove in the first 3 mins, and could sense a stitch coming on, so when I was walking I took it steady and trying to breath into the stitch on my right side.

Started running the first 5 min stint and the stitch was still there, so I'm running and trying to keep breathing into the stitch, and it just got worse and worse and worse where I actually just did a bit of a ARGH in public and gave up the running bit not long after Laura said I was half way.

I was so gutted, but kept walking to keep the blood pumping.

Picked up running again for the 3 mins, fine stitch gone.

Picked up running again for the 5 mins and I was FLYING. Felt amazing to be running and running and whilst I did feel tired I just focused on keeping my legs moving and it was OK. :D

So this morning, Run 2 - feeling a bit anxious due to the killer stitch episode last time, so had a good 2 glasses of water and half a banana before I went out - and did all the running and walking fine, no stitch and not feeling like I was dying. I did feel by the end of it I had worked hard, but I wasn't feeling like I needed a heart and lung transplant so all good :D

So, run 3 on wednesday before I go on holiday for a week :D

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Well done for working through the stitch scenario! It sounds as though you are making really good progress. Good luck for run 3 and have a great holiday!

P/S Are you taking your running stuff with you?


Great job in getting through the stitch and thinking it through on what you could do. I was going to suggest increasing your fluids. Wishing you a successful, stitch-free run 3!!! :-) Gayle


Well done. Running for 5 minutes - wow! I can't wait for that "running and running" sensation.


I hear you re the stitch! the dreaded stitch seems to be my constant companion...well done and good luck with the next run :)


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