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Running for 5 minutes

I cannot tell you how much of an achievement this feels, being able to reliably run for 5 mins, knowing its not a one off and that not only that but I can do it again a few minutes later. I can’t quite believe it, a couple months ago I wouldn’t have believed it, friends are starting to sit up and pay attention and we’ve had a few now say they really should look in to C25K and play catch up! One in particular wants to come join us – which will be great for hubby who will be starting again in a couple weeks after his injury has taken him out of the game. I’ve been starting to worry that he might find it difficult to restart when he is recovered, especially as I should (hopefully) be close to graduation by then. I know I’d be demoralised to be starting the 1 minute intervals again if my running mate was doing 20+. But! But this may mean he has a new running mate and the two of them can work up together whilst I do my thing, until we are all doing 5k together!

This is all on the premise that I can get past the hurdle that lies at the end of this week. 5 mins to 20 mins in three runs?! Really Laura? I am trusting her because she’s been right so far, if it weren’t for all of you survivors though I’d think she was quite mad.

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Sometimes I think for men, to have competition to get to the end is a better motivator than anything else ;)

Congrats on achieving 5 mins and you will be surprised, 20 mins will feel amazing and you'll find 5 mins too much of a doddle lol.


Well done, great post :-) You will be fine on that 3rd run of week 5 (having made myself lose sleep over it I know how daunting it seems till you actually do it!).


I thought Laura was crazy too! :-) every run has prepared you for the dreaded 20. The body is willing as long as the brain in convinced you can do this. Hubby and I start our runs together then finish together. We are at different fitness levels etc. So we do our own thing in-between. Remember, you can do this! :-) Gayle


Honestly, you'll be fine - I was dubious too but you will do it! You just need to get your head round it and then off you go! Enjoy!


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