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Graduated two weeks ago and challenged myself to a timed 5K

As a total none runner 11weeks ago this programme has made me see it is possible. At graduation I didn't quite reach 5K and felt a bit disappointed but with help and encouragement form Carol I realised just to get to running thirty minutes was fantastic. All my friends have been so supportive. I have signed up to take part in our local park run with my son.

When I decided to start running I had to check with my GP as I have had a hole in the heart since birth she was fine with me doing it but chose to keep it a secret from my mum who love her to bits but would have gone Into over protective mode even though I'm 40+ lol. So when we get to see her in December I surprise her by saying please hv the kids for a bit going for a run!! I can see her face now. I have also signed up for a race for life next year 5K aim to have fun and get under 40 mins.

After completing some of the +. Podcast after graduating I challenged myself yesterday to a timed 5K with no walking/stopping Finished in 44.30minutes yeh yeh yeh so pleased with myself and thank you Carol, family and friends for all your support x x x

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That is wonderful, well done!


Congratulations to you! I completed the C25K this summer and have now run in two park runs. When I graduated a couple of months ago I was running nowhere near 5k in the wonderful 30 minutes. I felt a great sense of achievement for being able to run 30 minutes non-stop - and that had been my real ambition. I too set myself the goal of seeing how long it would take me to run 5k and at first it took .... a long time! But after a few more months of keeping going I managed a parkrun in 37 minutes (plus some seconds) and felt wonderful. I don't think I'll ever be faster, but I've decided that (to quote Laura) even a bad run is better than no run - and how great we are to be doing it!! Keep going - you've overcome so many hurdles, bit by bit you are becoming a fitter person, and above all remember you are not alone!


44mins running is fantastic. you should be so pleased with yourself.

well done :)


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