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WEEK 7 RUN 1 "OH BOY !!"

Morning, just got back from my first run for W7, Boy oh Boy...I was fine on the first part of it, Laura came on and said I had ran for 12.5 minutes, yes happy with that but on the way back my feet felt like concrete blocks, they were so heavy to lift up of the ground for some reason. My last runs are always on a Friday and Monday is my 1st run of the week, maybe this is the reason I was so tired this morning, has my body had too much rest ....and the sun was up and shining brilliantly, I knew I should have gotten up early and gone but NO I just kept laying there !! (that will teach me) I dunno, I just lost my mojo on the way back, towards the end I felt like I had slowed down and I was just plodding along at one point asking Laura where she was...she had disappeared somewhere so I kept on plodding, the idea of stopping was so easy but I had to quickly dismiss this thought from my mind oh it would have been sooo easy to stop but NO I just kept on going, how I dont know ?? and then she was there telling me only 1 minute to go....ahhh finally !! When I got home I felt light headed and a bit giddy I put this down to not drinking enough water over the weekend must have been a bit dehydrated so must bear this in mind to keep up the water intake. Hope I do better on Wed for Run 2 and I will be getting up EARLY as its going to be in the 30's so want to run in the cool cool air of the EARLY morning. Well I hope everyone has a great day and great runs. Take care xxx

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GREAT JOB PINKUS!!!! I have lead footed runs also which I tend to blame on dehydration, eating poorly, PMS etc. I think it is just part of our running journey. The days of my runs I try to take in more fluid. Look at you, week 7!!!! Can you believe it??? Keep running and keep pushing that negative right off to the side...you can do this! :-) Gayle


Thanks Gayle yes you are right as my hubby said "you have to dig deep" . No I cant believe it...Week 7 already....yikes.....what have you guys been doing since graduating...with your runs I mean...are you doing any podcasts if so what are they....cheers xx


Well done, Pinkus!! Some runs go well and others...well, they just go!! I am sure that you will do wonderfully on your next run!! Less than three weeks and you will be shining that wonderful "Graduate" badge!!

You are almost there...KEEP RUNNING!! :-)

Oh yes, I have just messaged you about what we have been doing since our graduation. I hope that it helps!



Good job, looking to do my wk 7 run 2 today, it really is stepping it up a gear!


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