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River run - done

River run - done

This morning I set out on my second attempt to run along the river Thames. I also decided to try out my Lidl running trousers and run with my waist bag for the first time as preparation for some running in Pembrokeshire next week.

I packed hat, gloves, a flask of coffee and the 2 water bottles (total weight 5 pounds) into my bag and cycled down to the river. I certainly felt the benefit of my trousers as it was bitter whizzing down the road.

I made sure my bag was tight and fitting comfortably and set off, keeping the big-watery-thing to my left.

The going was soft, the Thames path between Radcot and Buckland appears to be mainly maintained by cows, so my pace was pretty pedestrian, but I managed to reach the charmingly named and newly re-furbished Tadpole bridge (see picture) in 40 minutes with a distance of 3.51 miles.

After a brief interlude to take a picture and drink some water I set off on the return journey. I soon racked up 4, 5, then 6 miles. By now my thighs were starting to protest, but I was very much on the home stretch and I managed 7.08 miles in 1:25:07, my longest distance yet!

I had a quick drink and headed for home, result 1151 calories for the run and 225 for the bike ride,.

Shame that I have just got back from the pub :-( Apologies for any typos


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Sounds like a very enjoyable and successful run - i think you deserved a visit to the pub !


Sounds well worth a pub visit :) Haven't been to tadpole bridge for years, it certainly looks better than it did


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