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W1R2 - Very new to this exercise malarky!

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Starting mid-week and being very unfit, I am doing 5 runs for W1 to get me starting W2R1 at the start of a new week.

The reason I have never exercised, is because I am utterly horrified of what I look like in the "gear". The thought of entering a public swimming pool or walking into a gym terrifies me to the point where I have avoided it at all costs. As a result I have only ever tried reducing food, my biggest weakness.

After years of my weight and fitness fluctuating I came across c25k. So here we are! I'm not expecting masses of weight-loss (which would be amazing as I am getting married early next year!) but I would love to feel like I have energy,

My biggest hurdle was getting outside, and overcoming to fear of people seeing me wheezing my way up the road. My lovely fiancee has been so supportive and has been joining me in the early hours when it is dark so I can build my confidence.

The first run - I walked out our little terraced house at 7am with tears in my eyes, I was actually nervous to the point of waking every 5 minutes from 5am in apprehension. With encouragement I started the brisk 5 minute walk, when Laura began to talk I nearly cried again. However all of those nerves and fear meant I bolted out of the gate like I had something to prove, the first two 60 seconds were far too fast, and I needed to start pacing myself and figuring out my breathing. I think I had the notion that running faster meant it would all be over quicker and I could hide away again, but I was wrong!

I am now awaiting W1R3 and I actually looking forward to it. I have gotten over the fact people can see me, and I am proud that I am doing something so positive. It may be hard, but I am going to complete this no matter what it takes.

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Well done nextjenn you are over the hardest hurdle - actually starting. It may not be easy at times but you're not on your own, there is always someone here on the forum to help and encourage. Look forward to reading of you progress.

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nextjennGraduate in reply to AnnieW55

Thank you very much! It's so lovely to have support, this forum may be just what I need to keep going. Thank you!

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very well done nextjenn- you've done the hardest thing and just gotten out there. its mostly in our heads isnt it but until you get out there you just cant break it. i love your positive attitude. keep blogging your progress.

one thing I would say is dont push yourself too hard and do remember to rest between runs. last thing you want is to get injured or come to thinking that this is too hard. Then you may give up and that's something we dont want!!

ive got my first run week 2 tomorrow after work and im half dreading what's in store but then half of me cant wait to get back out there. weird!!

best of luck on this journey.


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nextjennGraduate in reply to AuntieAli

It is silly how we over analyse what people think of us, and it's really good to know I'm not alone.

Thank you for your support :) Good luck tomorrow for your week 2 run, you can do it! You'll be wondering what all the fuss was about when you're done!

I'll keep blogging and be as active as possible on the forum. Thanks again :)

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Well done for starting wk 1, you have overcome the hardest hurdle. I too ran early in the morning when I first started so no one could see me, but will now actually run (slowly) in daylight and have even had other runners smile and nod as the fly passed me. Together we can do this, keep running and keep blogging. Good luck

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nextjennGraduate in reply to rolphie2

I'm working up to running in the day! I have this weird perception...I don't like people seeing me before or during my run, but when I'm all sweaty and look the part, I'm so proud I don't really mind! Very odd. It's lovely you have had other runners smile and nod! I've had a cyclist tell me to shift! We can do this though, and I will keep blogging :) Thank you ever so much for your support. Good luck too!

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rolphie2Graduate in reply to nextjenn

Have just joined a beginners session at a local running club, was very scared going but everyone has been really nice and supportive, 8 weeks ago I would have locked myself in the bathroom if someone had said I had to run in front of and with other people. Tonight we all had a great time. Keep going you maybe surprised where this journey takes you x

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Well done for taking that first step, I too am an early morning runner, a very slow one at that but hey ho I am out there. Went off this morning hoping to go a bit faster, it didn't happen, but I covered 3.9km in 42mins

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nextjennGraduate in reply to Pat184

Wow! I cannot even imagine running 3.9km! Congratulations! Some days are good and some not so good...just focus on the positive days! Thank you :)

I know exactly how you are feeling! I'm on week 2 and absolute hate people watching me jog. I always worry that during the walking stages people are thinking 'why is she so out of breath and beet root red in the face, she's only walking?!'

Good luck - we can do it!

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nextjennGraduate in reply to Too_Lazy

Thats exactly the same as me, I feel like apologising to people for how silly I look!! My aim is to get to the point that I look like I'm not going to keel over, that will be a victory! How is week 2? I have one W1 run left and then its W2, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't terrified!

Good luck and thank you so much for talking! We are not alone and we can do this!

You did it nextjenn, the hardest bit is going out the front door and just starting. Well done to you for doing it.

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nextjennGraduate in reply to

Thank you so much! It's crazy how much that is half the battle :)

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