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Wk9, R2 - and Man Flu is no match for Laura

After 2 days in bed with Man Flu, a near overdose of lemsip and a hot water bottle filled with self pity I was inspired to get out of my PJs and off the couch this morning by watching the Great South Run and went for it.

Not sure if it was easier or tougher than the first Wk9 run, but I did ok. Still missed the 5k mark, this time by just under 200m so it's still in my sights for next run. For me this is now definitely more of a mental challenge than a physical one - I just need to dig a bit deeper and be more agressive in the middle part which is where I struggle most, and then I will hit that 5k mark.

I have loved this program, and if there is one change I would suggest it would be to give us three different podcasts for the last week. The music in wk9 is my least favourite and it's the week where a bit of variety is most needed. I can't see me using wk9 podcasts post program, so have already prepared my own playlists ranging from 32 to 35 minutes of upbeat music with slow 4-5 min intros and cool downs, and I'll move on to them next.

Good luck to everyone who is with me in graduation week. We are amazing people. The day of the skinny jeans is getting closer and closer.

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Well done for shaking off the man flu and going out running, and excellent speed. Good luck on your final run hope you manage the 5k. Look forward to hearing how you do. Keep running


Good for you chusan in battling through that dreaded, debilitating man flu that somehow just doesnt affect us womenfolk the same way (!) and getting out there. Its a great feeling when, despite not feeling up to it for one reason or another, we make the effort and succeed!

One more run then its the skinny jeans race - woo hoo!! Good luck!



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