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Almost gave up in week 7

This past week I completed week 7 run 1 and 2 with no major problems, but run 3 has been awful, after two days break I gave run 3 my first attempt, I could only run/slowly jogged for 7 mins and gave up, I thought motivation was the problem so I waited until the afternoon and had another go at the run, I completed 12mins and again gave up, legs and breathing felt ok so I can only think I had a major mental block where I thought I would never make it to 25mins so why bother. I gave myself the next day off and tried run3 again on Friday, this time I decided to take Laura's advice and get off the treadmill and try running outside, again I failed miserably, I ran for 6 mins and walked for 3mins then jogged on and off for the 30mins . I had almost given up, thinking I had lost my new found fitness, but I gave run3 one last go tonight on the treadmill and I did it, even sped up in the last minute which I was surprised by! I feel good after this run, which is only the second time I have felt happy to have run, usually I hate the whole time I am doing itwhich is disappointing. I can only hope week 8 is better than week 7 and I continue to enjoy running/jogging.

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Congratulations on not giving up. I think it's part of the mental journey we have to do alongside the physical. I had a bad time earlier this week but today was good -further and faster. It's true about the good and bad runs!


Well done on not giving up and keeping going, I think that the mental journey is nearly as hard as the physical one and every one has good and bad runs and days. You just have to remember how far you have progressed and keep going. Good luck in your future running.


Hi anniej, good on you for persevering - any running is better than none.

I hit a wall on W7R3 too which I just couldn't understand 'cos I had already run it twice!!

For me I find I struggle when my routine is disrupted and in both weeks 7 and 8 I couldn't do run 3 on my normal days and finished up missing a run altogether but I have now got my schedule firmly under control again and have got my mojo back - it took me 3 attempts to complete W8R3 but I did it on Thursday and have just completed W9R1 :o)

Stick at it, you have put in the work so you will succeed :o)


Thank you Vitty, rolphie2 and mcc65 very much for the encouragement! It always helps to hear people have been in the same boat so to speak and you Have got through it too.


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