Anyone in my neck of the woods?

Hi guys, I am temporarily out of the running (boom boom) as I have a bad cold, but I was wondering if any of you are up here in the Lanarkshire area of Scotland? I have just finished Week 6, so not quite at running club / Parkrun stage yet, but I wondered if any one was looking for a (very sloooow) running buddy or just someone to gossip with about this c25k malarkey!

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  • I'm a bit too far north for you as a running buddy Tiddlywink and there are hundreds of us on here who will love a gossip. Do you have a Parkrun close by as I can highly recommend you give it a try when you feel ready, its for all ages and abilities and a wonderful event for C25K runners to broaden their running experiences. Good luck with the rest of the program.

  • Oh, thank you. There is a Parkrun just down the road from me actually, so that is something to consider next month. I have also just found a Jog Scotland programme that has groups of all abilities - I got a shock to realise that I would be in the Intermediate 1 group if (NO, when!) I graduate!

    Thanks for your support and encouragement! x

  • Hi, there is a Parkrun at Strathclyde Park. slowest person this week was about 40 mins. It might be the one your talking about.

    I have not been brave enough to do any group runs yet, apart from Race for Life in May 2012.

    Am concentrating on distance just now......11.27km on friday.

  • That is the one I meant - will give it a while, but at least I am actually considering it one day!

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