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Anyone in my neck of the woods?

Hi guys, I am temporarily out of the running (boom boom) as I have a bad cold, but I was wondering if any of you are up here in the Lanarkshire area of Scotland? I have just finished Week 6, so not quite at running club / Parkrun stage yet, but I wondered if any one was looking for a (very sloooow) running buddy or just someone to gossip with about this c25k malarkey!

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I'm a bit too far north for you as a running buddy Tiddlywink and there are hundreds of us on here who will love a gossip. Do you have a Parkrun close by as I can highly recommend you give it a try when you feel ready, its for all ages and abilities and a wonderful event for C25K runners to broaden their running experiences. Good luck with the rest of the program.


Oh, thank you. There is a Parkrun just down the road from me actually, so that is something to consider next month. I have also just found a Jog Scotland programme that has groups of all abilities - I got a shock to realise that I would be in the Intermediate 1 group if (NO, when!) I graduate!

Thanks for your support and encouragement! x


Hi, there is a Parkrun at Strathclyde Park. slowest person this week was about 40 mins. It might be the one your talking about.

I have not been brave enough to do any group runs yet, apart from Race for Life in May 2012.

Am concentrating on distance just now......11.27km on friday.


That is the one I meant - will give it a while, but at least I am actually considering it one day!


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