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Pesky cold!

I was all set to use the extra hour this morning to do an outdoor run in the daylight, but alas it was not to be. I've been fighting a heavy cold all week, but it has been getting steadily worse and can't be ignored any longer. I have finally given in to wearing fluffy socks and extra layers in bed and, most worrying of all, my appetite is not as hearty as usual (this is when my family know I'm REALLY not feeling well!)

I was looking forward to Week 7, but can't risk a) making myself really ill and b) not managing to complete the podcast for the first time in six weeks!

On the bright side, it really is pouring rain here, so I am not missing one of those gorgeous crisp mornings. Also, I know I will enjoy my next run all the more for having had to wait a bit longer for it (did I really say that!)

In the meantime, keep up the good work everyone - I will do my running vicariously through you all for the moment!! xx

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