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When is it OK to skip a rest day?

Why the more changeable weather I have been out dog-walking a few times thinking I wish that I could go for a run (today is a prime example), especially when the forecast for the next day is bad, but I'm still following the mantra of taking a rest day between runs.

I graduated a month ago and feel some days like I could run 2 days in row, and other days I know I need the rest. Should I go with my gut instinct or should I stay observant of rest days?

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I ran two days in a row for the first time last week about a month after graduating. I did a shorter interval session (speed podcast) one day and a longer run the next to try not to overdo the distance too much. I was more tired than usual during second run but was OK. Its not something I'm going to do regularly though.


I suppose everyone is different but I know I couldn't have gone without my rest days - my shins would not have been happy :-)


I did two runs in a row last weekend to get my grad run in before the working week started and was absolutely fine. Took two days off after though which turned in to 5 because of a virus. But I didn't get that from running two days in a row!! Shazzapat is right, sometimes you'll be fine, others you need your rest day. I guess your body will soon tell you if it's not a good idea!!


I was considering changing my days up a bit due to the dark weather.

Would it be ok to do a run Sat/Sun/Wed and have rest days Mon/Tue?


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