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Week 7, Run 2 - soooo much better

Week 7, Run 2 - soooo much better

So I set off early this morning to do the second run of week seven. It was sooooo much colder today so my long sleeve t-shirts, base layers and gloves came in handy.

I decided to run today rather than yesterday as I've been suffering slightly with pain at the top of my leg so I wanted to leave two days between runs so as not to make matters worse.

I'm pleased to report that today's run was much better than Wednesday. I managed the whole 25 mins :-) the last 2 or 3 minutes were such had work, I felt like I was crawling rather than running but I still completed it :-) even with the arctic head wind !

I've changed my route a little today to try and mix things up. I also learnt from Wednesday mistakes and changed my focus from speed and focused on just trying to complete the run.

I did lots of stretching afterward and had no aches and pain, although it been a few hours since I completed the run and I'm now a little sore in the top of the thigh / low abdominal area but I'm alternating between cold compress and heat. The funny thing is that the pain only starts when I've been sitting for a while. It not something that will stop me in my tracks but I will take longer rest periods between runs if I need to. At the end if the day, it not a race to complete the programme :-)

Today's stats (including warm only)

Distance - 2.23 miles / 3.5 k

1st mile - 13.59 min/mile

2nd mile 13.07 min/mile

Max Speed - 11.22 min/mile

On another positive my running pace may not be super quick but when I tracked my walking pace it was on average 18 min/mile, so it definitely feels like running to me.

Have a great weekend everyone :-)

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Well done Clare! I'm so glad you had a better run today but boy, was it cold especially with that wind!!

Leaving a couple of days between runs sounds sensible to me to try and ease any pains - hope its not still that horrid piriformis but it sounds in a different place now......

Best wishes for R3 and have a great weekend Sx


Thanks Sue, the pain is in a different place, it's a slight annoyance but not something that will hamper my progress :-) enjoy your graduation weekend :-) x


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