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Just started

4 years ago, I stopped smoking. I put on weight during this time.

So this year I started to diet and exercise, I have started cycling which I love, but I don't like cycling now the dark nights are here.

I heard someone at work talking about C25K so I checked it out.

So I have just embarked on the program and have just completed my first run, hope I can keep it up


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Well done, you'll soon be hooked like the rest of us.


Well done you, it sort of takes hold of you after a while and you do become slightly obsessed...... And we are all here at some time or another to cheer you on or cheer you up :)


Congratulations - W1 R1 is a huge hurdle, making that decision to start. I just started W6 and can't believe that I am now running 20 minutes. Okay, I'm so slow that my hamster could probably overtake me, but I couldn't make it to the corner of my street 6 weeks ago. I've found reading the advice and support of other members very helpful on these forums Best of luck with it! :)


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