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Treadmill - Why such a difference?

Treadmill users I have a question for you?

I've been trying to get used to using a treadmill as I'm off on holiday and where we go is not good road surface for running but there is a gym, so I'm sorted. My usual gym has fairly good treadmills but I sound and feel like a baby elephant when running, I just assumed I was really heavy footed but the going was tough. That is until this morning, I've tried out a new gym (for me that is) on a free trial with a view to changing gym. The treadmill I used today was very new, very easy to run on and my step sounded much quieter. Any ideas why this would be? I assumed a treadmill was a treadmill no matter what age, make etc.

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you need to put your headphones in & turn them up!!! thats what I do so that I cant hear my plodding hehe :)

I have a treadmill at home (reebok) & mine is noisy underfoot if I dont have any incline. also feels gentler on the feet when I use the incline, but I do have a squeak one side that must need oiling. the one at the gym is slightly wider than mine & obviously cost much much more so that one feels lovely on the feet. but, as I said I dont really hear the noise as I have my headphones in. only problem I really find with the treadmill is how hot I get without the outdoor temperature/wind.

have fun on your holiday oldgirl. X


I don't know much about treadmills but I would have thought that a new, more up to date one would be quieter, and run more smoothly than one that is older, even if only a bit older, due to the pounding and hammering that gym treadmills take. Maybe the one at your original gym is past its best and ready to be replaced.

I do know that it was through usinging the gym treadmil that I progressed to C25K and running outdoors. As part of the programme I was then on at the gym, in July, I had to better my time on the treadmill at each sesssion. I found that I was trotting, rather than fast walking, and quite enjoyed it, and fancied trying to run outside. I found running inside, even in an air-conditioned gym, I was very hot, and needed to feel fresh air. I guess that as the weather gets worse/wet/freezing cold I will go back to treadmill running, but only if I really have to - i'm not looking forward to it.


I love running outside Sugar and have only tried recently to use a treadmill as I will need to use one on holiday. I find them so very boring and struggle to run even 3K when outside I can do 10K. Will have to try harder and stop looking for excuses I think!


I use a treadmill out in the garage and think I am quite baby elephantesque!! Turn up the volume and ignore it. I tried going outdoors one run on holiday and found it much harder as couldn't pace myself.


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