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One More to go (can't believe it)

Had to check back because it seems to have come so quickly! One more run before graduating.

Managed to mess up the iPod again - this time wearing my glasses so there really is no hope! Thought I'd sorted it when I found I'd put week 1 on. I was tempted to stick with it but decided I was too near graduating to prolong the journey (was running this afternoon even though I ran last night). So having already walked for 5 mins to warm up and having found w9 I started to run during the warm up music so I was 5 minutes ahead of Laura at each check which was kind of satisfying in a strange way.

Graduation run on Sunday morning and looking forward to it.

Good luck to everyone for your next run whichever one it is.

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Good Luck for Sunday :)


Thanks . Looks like it will be a very cold run.


Good luck for tomorrow Annie - that will be another graduate this weekend! Its been a busy one.....! Sue x


Hope today went well. Good luck.


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