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Week 8 done and dusted - three PBs this week and I got good muddy legs today :-)

So week 8 is over now and has been very successful as I have reduced my PB for 5k every day :-) And been quite enjoying the running - although every time before I do it I do wonder quite why I am doing it!

Enjoyed various tunes that my ipod shuffled for me today - started with Wake Up Boo which although it wasn't the most beautifully sunny day today is still a good way to start the day. Moved on through 5 Years Time by Noah and the Whale which is a song I love.

Ran down a straight road and up a lane which leads to a wood (as long as you take in a bit of grass). Am not a grass runner - I like pavements - but decided to go that way as I'd be able to go round rather than stopping and needng to turn round. First part was fine but then as I went into the wood it was muddy. Normally I am the sort of person who carefully sidesteps mud, but I was on a mission here :-D So I plunged straight through it and then checked to see how fast I was going :-)

Had set nikeplus to a 5k run so it was talking to me in min/km rather than the min/mile that I normally get. But even my addled running brain could work out that 5 min/km meant 25 min for 5k and 6 would be 30 min so to beat 27 min 31 seconds I needed to be less than 5 min 30 seconds.

I kept going. Legs were a bit heavy, feelings of a stitch were coming but I decided I'd keep ploughing on. Nearly killed small passing dogs as my feet flailed all over the place but didn't.

And when it said 5k I had done 27 min and 8 seconds :-)

So next week is trickier as it's half term, but my graduation run is going to be my first park run. So need two runs before next Saturday. Have conned my lovely man into doing all this running (he's doing week 7 run 3 tonight) and he's going to do the park run as well. Given that he has 10 inches on me I feel his legs give him an unfair advantage :-D

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Fantastic times and running idristhedragon. Really good to hear I'm not the only one to do this sort of thing. I have been combining Laura's podcasts with the Endomondo app on my smartphone. Getting too lots of timing/ distance really helps motivate and push me forward. It took me through W9 to get to your pace. I am impressed! Good luck with the last week. Plans for after graduation?


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