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My worst/best run so far. W6 R3

So today did not start off well, my two alarm clocks decided to have a sleep in (a two year old little boy and a six month old baby girl) which resulted in me rushing around like a loon so that I could complete my run in time for hubby to go to work.

Eventually I set off and I felt great, the first five minutes flew by which was a complete suprise as I tend to struggle with them the most. Today I decided to mix things up a bit, before I had been landing on my heels as suggested by Laura but after reading/watching several bits and pieces switched to landing on the balls of my feet. It felt 100% natural for me to do this however I did feel as though I was almost trotting which i'm not sure is a recommended look. Anyway it all good until 14 minutes had passed and then the mother of all stitches hit me! Gee whizz I was in pain. More than anything in the world I wanted to stop but I didn't, well almost but not quite. Instead I ran snail pace until I felt that I could continue at a reasonable speed and then Laura told me that I had one minute left and if I wanted I could go faster and I thought why not?! So I did! Huffing and puffing my week six came to a close and I felt amazing. Week seven is calling...

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You completed it...that makes it one of the best in my books!! Well done and welcome to W7!!

Keep Running!! :-)



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