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Week 6 Completed Bring it on Baby !!!

Hi everyone...well I thought I would like to share something else with you....yes I did complete my final run for W6 and I put my thoughts down allready....check it out if your interested...but you know its been four hours or so later and I am just starting to realize what I have achieved....I must have worked myself up into a quiet Tither or something....its only now at this point of the day 10.37am friday that I have relaxed and can see the funny side of all of this getting myself worked up into a mind is now clear and I have happy thoughts again....not stressed out to the max about the task ahead but its behind me now and I can look forward to starting W7 on monday...I dont do anything over the weekend but have a two day break, wonder if I will feel it on monday for the start of week 7, will have to wait and see....would be interested in your I the only crazy ??? Ha ha ha

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My thoughts...hmmmm, where to start????


I read your other post about how your W6R3 went this morning and now this one and here is what I noticed. You talked about relaxing, listening to your music and Laura, remembering to pace yourself, head up and looking ahead...sounds to me like you are a RUNNER!!!

We all have some fears and concerns throughout this program. We have come from the couch to now facing what are often the longest runs and possibly greatest physical challenges of our lives. We don't always know what to expect from the program or from ourselves. There is one thing that you MUST keep believing in though...YOURSELF!! This program is amazing, but YOU are the one doing the running...YOU provide the commitment and YOU ARE DOING IT!!!

You aren't the only crazy!! We all have to be a bit off to be doing this!! :-) Speaking for myself, I am too old, too lazy and too out of shape to have thought that I could do this...but guess what, I did it. I graduated and now 2-3 times a week run 5K. What was I thinking???? :-)

You can do this...YOU ARE DOING THIS!!

Keep Running!!



Awww thanks....I am not a spring chicken either...52 in these old bones still have life in them yet...I guess....its just that I seem to wear myself out mentally cause I phsyc myself out somehow...its exhausting cause after my big runs I seem to yawn all the time....thanks for the encouragement yet again....looking forward to next week to see how I go...have a great weekend and greater running...I think you run with your wife dont you...


Yes, Gayle (gdeann) and I run together. It is wonderful to have someone to run with. We try to help each other with the "mental" challenges that you mentioned, as well as try to motivate each other during our runs. She is a great blessing in my life!

Have a great day and enjoy your rest only have three more weeks and then you can spend some time shining that precious new badge!!

Keep Running!! :-)



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