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Brilliant w10 R1, no more running for a few days and a small celebration (hic)

I uploaded the stats for my Tuesday run last night and had a really good surprise. Given that I'd gone out nearly 5 hours after I'd planned to go, due to various unavoidable distractions, and was hungry before I started , I did really well. My overall speed was up and I ran 30 minutes with no music. Teeny tiny flaw in my plan (isn't there always?) was that I didn't have much time to run, but decided to just keep running in one direction. Of course then I had to get back to the car, as I had promised my daughter I'd collect her from school so that we could play squash (sucker for punishment, that was another minor flaw, didn't allow for the fact that squash is already tiring, without the run beforehand!)

So I ran from Walton on Thames to Molesey, brisk walked back for 15 minutes and then realised that I could actually run again, as I'd recovered, so I ran for a further 10 minutes, walked for 5, slow jogged for 5 and then walked the rest, as I was really tired (and hungry at 2.30pm). I did just under 8 miles in total, in 1 1/2 hours of running and walking. No time for lunch or snack before school run and squash, luckily there is a junk food hut where I parked my car, so I grabbed a snickers, which I considered to be the healthiest snack available at the time.

I had one really scary moment on the towpath, I had put the headphones on (in case I changed my mind about the music or podcast), but there was nothing playing. I got to a quite dark (slightly creepy) bit of the path when I suddenly heard from about 10 feet in the air "baaaa.aaaa..aaaaaaaaaaa!" I jumped out of my skin, heart rate hit maximum, it was a sheep grazing on the very steep bank on the side of the waterworks. I felt a right plonker for nearly having a heart attack :-D

No running today, I had to catch up with admin and then see the osteo to sort out my neck, shoulder and back. It was just an overhaul visit, although I've had some sharp pain in my left shoulder. I thought it was mild, but actually, when they started massaging boy did I realise how tight everything was. So, I've been unknotted and clicked and now I need to rest for 24 hours (preferably 48). Tomorrow I'll spend most of the day sorting out fancy dress costume for Saturday's party, Sunday yoga show, so looks like Monday is next running day (as well as yinYoga). As I have no training for a day or two, I treated myself to a bottle of Vouvray and made a pretty big dent in it, as a celebration of my graduation. Yum yum, hic! :-)

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Brilliant stuff vixiej (apart from the saga of the osteopathics). I'm really impressed with your tenacity and never-say-never attitude. Keep it up. Have you 'applied' for your graduate badge yet? Have you plans for what to do next, post-Laura? Let us know and good luck!


Hi Janda, thanks and yes I applied for the badge last Sunday night, but I think they are batched once a week (it's also half term for some this week, so maybe I'll get it next week)

'Tenacity' is my middle name ;-) I've decided to do a mixture of BUPA 10K training (starting at week 2) but dropping one session a week to do the 'speed' podcast in the 5K+ series That gives me one longer run each week a split and a speed. I'll see how I get on with that.

Not sure what will happen this coming week or two though, as Mon-Weds will be spent dropping daughter off and collecting from kingston for a workshop. I can take running gear and run in that area, maybe bushy park, towpath, etc and use a friend's flat for a shower (I have keys as I water plants, etc when he's away, and he won't mind). Then I'm off on holiday from 1st Nov, which will be a flying day, so no running. I'm planning to take trainers and maybe buy some shorts and run while I'm away (if it's not too hot) I may just 'run' and not worry about podcasts and training plans, just enjoy running in a new environment (and not worry about getting mugged for my iPoD classic!) :-D


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