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first post graduation run

Just got back from my first post graduation run - it was too lonely without Laura so I went back to a week 8 run (I had to have a break from the week 9 music) Found it tough going and think its goign to be difficult to keep motivated.

On holiday next week so will take a break and then set some goals!

BTW how long til my graduation badge appears? I messaged a few days back

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Well done, I found I couldnt listen to the music more than once so was using my own by graduation. Many are doing the follow on programme but as that wasnt out at the time I graduated I just downloaded a free runners world programme from their website (having signed up for a 10k charity race as a challenge to keep myself focussed!).


the graduation badge will turn up - it takes a few days. Don't give up. try running without any music or podcasts - just go out and run - see how it feels? You've done so well - an entire 9 weeks, and now you're a runner - keep going - why not run while you're on holiday just for the fun of it - and because now you can!


Well done Skandia! I'm going onto stepping stones, speed and stamina. Laura is there, so why not try that. i Graduated today, so going to be a whole new ball game for me too :-)


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