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Amazing how fitness lasts

Did week 8 run 1 10 days ago and then got strange virus which seemed to be going round so no running. Yesterday decided I felt better but told myself that 20 mins was enough and I could build back up. However managed 26 mins with not too much difficulty. Amazed that those weeks of sticking to the programme have really improved my fitness. I might even be back up to 28 mins on next run!

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Glad you're feeling better! It's encouraging that fitness doesn't just disappear when you need a few days off, isn't it? I've just had 4 days off between runs for the first time since July (bashed knee) and I was really worried, decided to do 3K if poss - and it was no problem. I could easily have done 4. (Been doing 5 the last couple of weeks but takes longer than 30 mins.)

I guess now we've built up something that won't go away so quickly.

Good luck with the rest of W8/9 - you've only 5 more runs to go! :-)


Brilliant post, great attitude and great achievement :-)


Cheers, Mitts and Deryn61. Maybe I'll be a graduate soon.


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