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Finished week 7 - can there really only be 2 weeks to go?

More than most weeks, I really can't believe I've got this far. Yes, 8 weeks ago I failed week1 run1 with unbelievable shin pains that stopped me walking, let alone running. Since then I've huffed and puffed through each week, but somehow managed to keep going and make it to the end.

This morning I wasn't exactly looking forward to going out on yet another grey, dank day - I haven't yet perfected my new, mud-free route and on Tuesday I was met by hordes of school kids coming the other way. Thankfully my ipod was loud enough that I didn't hear any comments about beetroots on legs....

Today I think I left home about 10 minutes earlier and somehow missed the crowds. I managed to add a few metres to the route and increased my distance to 3.6K in 25 mins. Only 100m better than before but a step in the right direction. My next two runs will be treadmill experiments (there's a first time for everything) and then I'll only be 4 runs from the end and decisions about what to do next..... this is a danger point for me as I need a target to aim at to keep going. I think initially I'll keep increasing time by a few mins a week until I get to the elusive 5k, then think again. I have read blogs about speed and stamina podcasts and even from my "competent" week 7 standard viewpoint they seem quite scary.

Ho hum - decisions, decisions. Good luck to everyone - I may not be back online for a week but I'll be here in spirit on the treadmill!

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I was like you when I finished still wanted structure and a goal so I could stay motivated. I think most people graduate feeling that way. The 5k + podcasts are great, and you can do them in any order and its so nice to have the support from laura I would highly recommend them :)

Good luck for the rest of the plan!


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