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Not alone

Nothing much to report - just completed W4R2 yesterday morning - but I do find myself smiling at the end of the run while I am doing my final walk thinking about all the other C25K-ers there are. Its a comfort knowing you're all out there where ever you are, how ever you run, jog, shuffle in my case, what ever you're wearing, no matter how old or young you are, experienced or not at running, male, female, we're all doing this together in our own way. How great is that? And its lovely to read your blogs and comments to help spur us on our way................. Thank you. SB x

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Thank you. It is nice to think of everyone else running with us to see their triumphs and difficulties and know that we aren't alone. This sight certainly offers encouragement and helps to keep me going. Well done on your progress so far and keep running!!


Hi SexyBexy your right your not alone and what do you mean by nothing much to report, you've just done another run and thats news worthy by anyone's standards on here cos 4 weeks ago you couldn't do that!!

But you know you are right in saying "not alone" the first time I did C25K last year I hadn't found this site, in fact I'm not even sure it was up and running then (pardon the pun). I felt really quite alone cos hubby although he listened to my prattle about my achievements and made the right sounds in almost always the right places I felt he was really only being polite, all part of his up bringing! ;) Then when I was on week 7 of C25K the second time around I found this lovely place. I would say to anyone joining and half way through post your achievements in a blog, tell us how you feel, what your findings are and how you are progressing. It may not seem important but I am certain it helps others just knowing they are 'Not Alone'

Good luck for finishing week 4 and progressing onto week 5. :)


You are absolutely right about not being alone!! I can't count the number of times during a run that I would use all of you as my motivation!! I would think to myself, "How can I stop running now, just hours after I told others how wonderful this program they can do much they are progressing!!

I was part of a rather large graduating group and speaking for myself, I felt like I had grown to know the other graduates through our journey! My wife (gdeann) and I were just talking about how nice it would be to add some friends to Facebook just to stay in touch. It seems that after our graduation, some of them just fell off of the face of the earth.

Keep Running Sexy are far from alone!!



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