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My knees !

Set off this morning with the intention of doing my wk1 day 3 run/walk, even though my knees where aching.

Just could not do it at all ! What a nightmare, so I did walking quite quickly for 60 minutes . Knee kept giving way but continued , got back and taken pain killers now.

Feel very let down , by my self or should I say my body . Oh dear feeling down and old at the moment !

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Sorry to hear that - but well done for walking 60 minutes even so. All exercise is good. Sounds like you need to get your knees checked out, but I'm sure a more experienced runner will be along soon with good advice.



My knees are not the greatest - and when I started they really hurt, but as I progressed the muscles strengthened and now although they still ache they have lost that real debilitating pain. For a few weeks I had to be very careful - lots of rest, sometimes 3/4 days until the pain wore off.

I treated myself to an infra red hand held massage machine from TK Maxx, and that eases a lot of tension above and below the knee. Its worth thinking about back/hip alignment too. I have wear and tear in my left hip and that really aches when I push myself hard.

Give yourself a bit more rest, take some anti inflammatory (ibuprofen) and try again when the pain has reduced a little. (I am 50, overweight and haven;t run since I was 13!!! and have managed to do 7K - very slowly but.....) Bodies do adapt fairly swiftly - just give it time. I swear mine still goes into shock every time I start running, and then after a while gives in grudgingly.

Good luck with it, don't give up and keep posting on this forum - it is full of support and care for what is an exciting and very challenging journey.


Thank you , I am seeing a sports therapist on Monday , I might have a look at the massage machine.

I am 61 , overweight , with a ankle held together with pins and metal plate. I also gave up smoking 10 years ago , thats when I put on weight and never lost it.


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