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Garmin users please help!

What is 'moving time' - in the details section when you've uploaded, between 'time' and 'elapsed time'???

On my first Garmin run I had 'time' and 'elapsed time' both 39.02, and 'moving time' 36.26, and I assumed this had something to do with either jogging more or less on the spot for a moment to wait for the level crossing or pausing to adjust my shoelace.

However today I didn't stop at all, and the 'moving time' is still a bit less than the other times?????

Otherwise I'm really happy with my watch, nice and easy to operate and I even managed to get everything uploaded and organized by myself, which says a lot for the clear instructions on the Garmin website :-)

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I wondered this myself and the only conclusion I could come up with is as you have said the odd stop for traffic lights etc but I think the Garmin also takes a second or two to register your movements, hence mine it often about 3 seconds different if I've not stopped at all.


Thanks Oldgirl - maybe it's both then - traffic light stops and delay in registering movement. Something to keep an eye on, a few seconds more or less don't matter, but if it was a few minutes it might make the difference between 5K under 30 mins - or not. Mind you I'm still a bit away from that happy day so I'll just carry on regardless :-)


I agree! I think it's the time that you're effectively motionless (when stopped at traffic lights or turning around 180 degrees where your horizontal movement is zero for a second or so).

From looking back at my runs my non-moving time is usually only 2 seconds or so (which would match with me pressing the start button for a second at the start and end of the run and the moment when I turn round to run back up the same road I've just come down!).


Thanks, back to 18. My second run had over a minute difference and I def didn't stop this time, but it is quite a winding pathway thro the woods so maybe that caused the difference. Garmin run 3 tomorrow if my knee is happy and it isn't snowing - both doubtfuls atm :-(

But I do like trying out new things like this :-)


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