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Week 8 Run 2 - and another PB :-)

Normally I don't eat much until after I've run but felt the need for a banana and a yoghurt and apple juice this morning. Then took children to school (I find getting to school in my running clothes at least gives me the feeling I have to run) and set off. Decided to do a 3.15 mile run (Nike Plus didn't want me to do a 3.12 mile one) as I don't like doing 5k as it gives me my current pace in min/km and I can only cope with min/mile (if it's less than 9 I'm OK if not I need to go faster :-) )

So ran along up to a wood and back again, along a straight ish road and turned at the bottom, back up along road towards wood and up another road.

Then the fact I had eaten a bit then caught up with me and I started getting the feelings of a stitch brewing. Plus my legs felt like iron. A quick press of the centre button indicated current pace was 9 min 45 per mile which was not what I I told myself I could go faster and so I did.

Got to 27 minutes and was nearly there and ended up with 27 min 31 seconds for 3.12 miles :-) Suppose my new target is 27 minutes but think I may need to accept I can't keep getting quicker all the time :-D

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Hi Idris,

Very impressive time for someone coming back to running and not even graduated yet! Of course you will get faster yet, and you're still very young compared to some of us on here. I'm still improving my 5K time after nearly 14 months of running and I'm a, shall we say, a slightly more mature lady!

Are you going to start doing a few events?



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