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Buddy's back again :-(

Don't you think this person in imaginative? This time his name is "lsinbsdf " -- an interesting combnination of consonants which even outsmarts the Finnish language for its lack of vowels - and of course imagination. I just wish he wouldn't address me as his "buddy"... as I have said on several occasions, I am not his buddy and I wish he would get the @#!$ out of our community.

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yes, I noticed. I don't often feel violent, but he brings out the worst in me }:-]


I agree. Notice how our buddy only comes out under the cover of darkness though. What a wuss!


It's not Finnish Delia it's a computer or more exactly a program. Called a "bot" they create accounts from random letters, log in and proceed to post their spam all over our blogs.

There are fixes for it, it's why you see some sites ask you to type the letters from a random word in the little boxes, it's rather difficult for a program to read a word from an image whereas us humans can manage it (well, I struggle, but the average human;-) ).

I spoke to one of the admins of the site a little while ago and she tells me that they're looking at the problem with a view to a fix before too long. In the meantime if we simply report it (top right hand corner of the comment) then it helps them find it and remove the unwanted advertising.


thank you for this Chewy, how interesting -- I always wondered why we are asked to type in letters from those funny words! I have reported this stuff at least 4 times too. They fix it, but they always return.


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