week 6 run 1

well i can agree, you THINK this run will be easy because you did the 20 minute run last time out, but it's not!! having said that i did do it and was still standing by the end. been running around the same area for several weeks now but it's getting rather wet and a bit muddy under foot, really don't want to run the streets though. all that aside, today may well be the day i buy some proper running gear, i figure i've earnt it... happy running everyone!

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  • Very well done Cestocker! Yes, its not the easiest run but you did it so feel very proud!

    Yep, go get that gear and enjoy the rest of week 6!

  • Hi Cestocker, it's weird because I've just done 6/2 and am feeling a bit left out on the week 6 gremlins!!! However 6/3 looms on Friday and it'll be interesting to see what happens then. Go get that gear - check out ALDI for really good quality but inexpensive gear - they had their big winter running gear promotion recently and there may still be some stuff left - happy shopping :-)

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