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First post grad run coming up.....really......honestly..........sometime soon

slight blip in my shiny new plan. First, I couldn't decide if I should do speed podcast or just run for 30 with my own music (my printed plan ignored for today!) Then I thought about some other blogs I've read, where people really enjoyed just running, with no music, no time or distance targets, just running. And I thought, 'yep, that's what I want to do for my first post grad run'. So I'm in my running gear. All ready. Anticipating that wonderful feeling of being a 'real, grown up' runner.

First hurdle, daughter washes (very long) hair before school and misses train. No probs, I can run her to school, grab some bananas on the way home and then go for my run (ever the optimist).

Second hurdle, get a call from the guy who borrowed my boat (I'm not rich, it's not as grand as it sounds!) telling me he left the keys on the view, doh!

Breathe......breathe..........breathe. No problem, now I've decided where I'm going to run. We all know I am no friend of hills, so I will go down to the car park, warm up walk along the towpath, retrieve keys (assuming boat and keys are still there) and run along the towpath. Might even leave the iPod behind.

Here goes! :-D

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I hope it goes well! I like the idea of towpaths. Towpaths have to be flat, right? I wonder if there's a towpath near me.

Thanks! :)


Oh no vixiej! What a start to your first post grad day!! Poor you! I only hope that it all got sorted in the end-and the keys were still in the boat. Stupid idiot-but at least he phoned and told you. What a pratt! Hope the run went well in the end.

Please, please let me know-just dying to find out :-)



Aaaahhhh, thank you both. The boat was still there and the keys were not in view (although they were in the cabin door and the master key was in the lock in the 'on' position). No harm done. I went from there to use the loo at my sports club and as I was leaving to drive to the towpath I had a call from someone about a job, so another 'distraction' in my day (a good one though). As she is an ex-client, we spent almost an hour on the phone catching up, so it was already past rumbly tum lunch time by the time I got going.

It felt like a slog, but I did my 30 minutes and then had to jog a bit more (10-15 minutes) on the way back to get back to the car in time to collect my daughter from school! I haven't looked at the stats yet, I don't think the distance was great, but I did go at a faster than usual pace I think. I did a total of just under 8 miles of combined walking and running.

Annie, tow paths are mostly flat, but you do get the odd little slope here and there, particularly around locks (given that they are there to allow for height differences) so they are fairly predictable and relatively 'easy'


Running by a canal (and having a narrowboat) - sounds like bliss to me. The Regents canal is near me and I love walking there but it does get very crowded and cyclists have an annoying habit of creeping up behind you without ringing their bells, which is very unnerving - I'd be worried about falling in.


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