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calf strain!

I never thought I would be so gutted about an injury.

I think I've overworked my right calf. I mentioned last week that it felt a bit like cramp - light cramp before it gets really sore! It mostly went away so I did Week 7 Run 1 on Friday, and it became sore shortly a few hours after. here I still am with a twinge. OK, so running between Glasgow Central train station and Buchannan Street in a suit wasn't strictly in the plan for 'rest day', but that just made it worse (even worse though, the bus I was going for pulled out of the bay as I got to the concourse :( )

What can I do but wait? It's all I can do. Incredibly frustrating. Might be a good time to get on the bike though, as I don't *need* my calf unless I'm going up steep hills...

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