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Leg rested for week, run and pain back again

Well after my last blog, loads of you guys advised me to rest my leg for a few days, so I havnt run for a week, leg felt better and thought tonight's the night.

Arrived home from work, changed and ready for the off, stretched first, 5 min Walmart up walk and off I went, took it really steady as I could immediately feel the little niggle just above my left ankle in my tendons on the outside of my leg. I ran on steady as she goes for 30 minutes, no real hills to talk about but the pain came progressively worse throughout the run. When I stopped for my 5 mins cool down walk I hobbled home, but, now here's a thing when I stretched when I go home I really emphasised on stretching my left calf, far more than before and it has seamed to have eased off quite substantially.

Not feeling as bad now. Maybe I should try and stretch it several times a day. Who knows

Anyway nice ho bath for me. Glad to have run again. Strange but when I can't I really miss it!, am I crazy o what lol!!

James :-)

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I had calf problems and had to rest for a few days - my first run back I stopped a few times in my run and stretched it out - seems to have done the trick - better to stop and stretch than push on and potentially irritate a problem I reckon. Its amazing just how much you miss running when you are laid up - I pine terribly!!!

Good luck with the leg!!!


I've also found that on a couple of runs I had to keep stopping to stretch my calves. They actually ended up feeling better at the end than they did part way through the run. It's worth listening to them when they complain !


Glad to have you back Jimbob! Hope the ankle is ok after stretching. I find that I need to stretch a couple of times a day (just the ankle stretch) even on non-running days to keep things on an even keel. I now stretch

do the ankle stretches after my run before the warm down walk and again when I get home after my shower. So far so good! Like you I really miss it when I can't run and get positively grumpy when life gets in the way. :-)


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