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W2R1 - Catching up on what I've done: Part 3

When I coerced my brother to come for a run at the end of Week 1 I confess to having my own future runs in mind. The nights are drawing in and there's far less light to evenings than once there was. I don't feel particularly excited about the idea of running in the dark on my own day after day as winter comes nearer, so I've been trying to convince him to do the program with me.

For my first Week 2 run I had been working all day and was feeling restless and ready to run. I tried to wheedle my brother into running with me, he was in the middle of a computer game online with his friends and said no at first, but to my surprise and delight he changed his mind suddenly, told them he'd be back in half an hour, and out we went into the cold, dark night.

We were just running circles around the neighbourhood this time. We were in the middle of our first run when it began raining, coooold rain. Luckily we stayed pretty warm, even just wearing tshirts.

We both found this run quite easy, I'm not sure why. The 90 seconds seemed to fly by for the most part. There were about two runs where I was flagging a bit, but that was mainly because I'd tried to keep up with his speed, as soon as I dropped back to my own pace I was fine again.

He said maybe we could skip a run of this week because we found it so easy, but I think I'll do all three just to give my body that extra chance to build some stamina without over exertion.

We have a neighbour who is an old old friend (since we were both babies), as we walked round the corner to her street, the rain got even harder. Laura told us to run, and off we went. As we passed her house we saw her by her front door and waved cheerfully as we splashed by. She looked quite startled, hehe.

There's one thing about running in the dark and the rain. It made me feel like a Real Runner, because only a Real Runner would be running under those conditions, right?

We finally made it, and ran back to the house to dry off. Exhausted, but much less restless.

The next day my mum got a text from her friend saying, "Were those your kids (at 26 and 24, we'll forever be "the kids") I saw running past in the rain with not much on? I told Sara (her daughter) and she said I was hallucinating." It's nice to make an impact.

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Lol gives the neighbours something to talk about eh? Great to hear you're finding the running easy. You're right to follow the program anyway though - probably gives you the best chance of overall success.


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