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What do I do next ???

Hiya Everyone I am about to start on Week6 tommorrow and I have been reading a few blogs on what people are doing after they graduate....and now I am thinking about it too...Hopefully I will graduate....but I am a bit confused as to what I should do next. My goal is to do 3 runs per week with a days rest in between so I would like to do the 5K+ podcasts but in what order should I do them....or do I just do 1 podcast 3x a week and then move onto the next podcast, could somebody please help me as I am a tad confused....Really enjoying reading all your

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Hi pinkus. Depending on how easy you find the Week 9 runs, initially you may wish to continue simply running for 30 mins three times a week for a week or two, with no pressure to go faster or further.

When you're ready to move on, the 5K+ podcasts are there and are designed to be used in any order and as frequently as you wish. A few of us have found Stepping Stones to be the easiest of the three. I only used that podcast once, as I found it was not helping me progress.

I, and several others, are spending a few weeks post-graduation doing one session using the Speed podcast, one session using Stamina and one session running to our own music, or running 'free' (with no music or other input). Sometimes I do a hill-running session in place of the intervals (Speed) session. A few sources I've read recommend only running an intervals training session once a week (it is a tough session!)


Thanks swanscot for your advice, I really appreciate it...yes I think I will do a couple of weeks just running for 30minutes three times a week and then start the 5K+ podcasts, can I ask you why Stepping Stones was not a help to you progress and also where I run its flat which is good at the momemt but I think doing a hill running session would be excellent...oh well may have to go for a drive later on down the track...are the hills very steep, are there many of them...sounds so exciting and different....I usually get bored with stuff so need to keep my interest and challenges up....look forward to your reply. Have a Great Day xx


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