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Sunday morning 4 mile run + monkey and the rest of the troop!!!

This was one of the most difficult runs I have done. I started off ok but I was running one of my routes in reverse which turned out to be uphill most of the way! I was puffed out after a couple of miles and then the monkey and the rest of its family jumped on my back and started to get me down with all their negativity. Half way through, I was forced to walk for a couple of hundred yards due to very large deep muddy puddles. I was grateful for this as it allowed me to get my breath back and summoning up all my strength I finally dumped the monkeys!!! But by this time I was running on empty and really flagging but my OH (who was on his bike, alright for some) gave me lot of encouragement so I dug deep and managed not ony to finish but to finish running with a sprint! 4miles in 42mins 37secs.

I have no idea what was wrong with me this morning, but one thing is for certain I dont like monkeys any more lol. :D

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I think it must be monkey season!!! I had a few on my back yesterday too - but like yourself threw them off and dumped them in the mud!!! Well done for doing a 4 miler - that's so close to 7K and in really good time!!!

Now you can enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!!


thank you - I am glad you managed to dump your monkey as well - they really are a pain at times lol :)


Very very very wel done to you! you're lucky to have someone that will come with you! my OHs currently on week 6 I can't wait until he's graduated and we can go off for a run together!


I am very lucky, my OH is so supportive . Only 3 weeks until yours can be with you running, I expect you can't wait until you both can run together. Have gre0at fun running;


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