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Stuck on wk 5 again

I completed couch to 5k last year and got a hip injury so i stopped running until i felt fully recovered and got back into the odd jog over the summer. I started the programme again in september and i have got so stuck at wk 5. I do struggle to run for 8 mins and can't begin to imagine running for 20. On top of that i don't have the podcasts now as they have disappeared from itunes!! Have tried downloading from website and copying to itunes but that doesn't work. Need some inspiration which i am decidedly lacking!!

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Do you think this could be more psychological than physical, your mind telling you you can't do it? Have another go at downloeading the podcasts to your phone and go for it. When I did week 5 run 3 I walked for 20/30 seconds when I was half way, took two deep breaths and finished the 20. Maybe not strictly completed but the best I could do and it felt like a real achievment. After all we are learning to run not competing with anyone else.


Secretrunner you can do it!! I like you felt really daunted by the w5r3 and failed a couple of times but really wanted to get it out of the way so I could progress, I set myself a deadline and I went on a completely different route and before I knew it I had done it and that feeling was fantastic.I had trouble with the podcasts they disappeared but they are back again now so try again. Take stock, plan your route, clear your mind........YOU CAN DO IT!! Good luck!


Thanks for your responses, it is very encouraging to know you have been through it. I will get through wk 5 this week and repost on here .


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