Couch to 5K

Speed and hills don't mix

Tried this podcast today. have to say did not find it easy. Why is every time Laura said speed up I was just at the begiining of a hill? Need to work out a route that is flat I think.

Anyway despite all that it over quite quickly.

I worked out I had gone from 7.4km/hour to 8.5km/h. So not too bad.

Anyway continued on a normal jog for a while and ended up doing 6.42km.

Well deserved bacon roll now.

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Well done! That was a good workout! You are right, speed and hills don't mix!


Speed is a favourite of mine I like the fast short workout and like you always add an extra bit on the end. I have enough trouble getting up steep hills let alone trying to run up them fast now that will always be beyond my capabilities. :)


Using BPM interval podcasts I've tackled hills I baulk at walking up. True my progress up them is infinitesimally slow as I am almost running on the spot... it's running downhill to a set beat with mud and rocks that gets scary.


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