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Make time, not excuses

W8R1 on a Saturday morning, and boy was it hard. All sorts of excuses were going through my head, so I headed online to get some inspiration before I headed out.

I did the same thing as last time, and didnt turn round until I came to the end of the road (and a duel-carriageway!), which was about 8 minutes before the end. I was struggling and the last few minutes were really hard. In fact when it came to the last 5 minutes I dumped Laura and listened to my own music, which I think helped me finish. In fact I decided to carry on until 30 minutes. I think I only did this because I knew I could stop at any time.

My legs are feeling sore, but I can't stop now. Only 5 more runs to go...

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Nice one Slater especially getting to 30 minutes. When I started week 8 I assumed an extra two minutes on the end is no big deal, now I'm two runs in I'm starting to worry about week 9.


It was definitely mind over matter, knowing I could stop at any time as I'd already done my 28 mins. Good luck with run 3, don't worry about week 9, and as Laura would say, "you can do it!"


Well done Slater. You are rght about the extra two minutes being a case of mind over matter. Much of this programme is about the psychology here. You are clearly mastering that very well. Good luck and keep running.


Thanks Janda, and good luck with your graduation run!!


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